Seinfeld, 30 Years Later: A Retrospective About Nothing

Part One: The Un-Branding, Dunkers & Dictators, and The Mom & Pop Stores

Thirty years ago, Seinfeld’s pilot episode aired in a sleepy summer time slot. Considered so unremarkable, it nearly failed to become a series… an inauspicious beginning that contrasts interestingly to what is often acclaimed as the greatest sitcom in TV history, having cemented its legacy in nonstop syndicated rotation.

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Silicon Valley: Pied Piper’s Logo Is A Story Arc

Silicon Valley Pied Piper logo shows their story arcA good logo identifies a business. A great logo tells you their story. As a series, Silicon Valley serves up wicked satire of tech culture and its namesake region, packed with inside jokes and easter eggs. As a story, the fictional company Pied Piper’s trajectory informs their brand, which routinely morphs as the startup evolves.

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Adobe XD: Three Years In The Oven and Only Half-Baked

Adobe XD software review

Adobe XD (Experience Design) is an odd mix of useful features and glaring omissions. It has a clean GUI, low learning curve and a few nice functions, but overall it’s missing some fundamental website interactivity capabilities. Continue reading “Adobe XD: Three Years In The Oven and Only Half-Baked”

Jony Ive And Apple’s “Beatles Era”

Remembering Jony Ive’s partnership with Steve Jobs, and some of his greatest product designs.

On Thursday, June 27th 2019, Apple announced their Chief Design Officer’s exit, after nearly three decades with the company. My thoughts on this significant turn includes Ive’s top five Apple product designs. Continue reading “Jony Ive And Apple’s “Beatles Era””

Photoshop Like An Action Hero! Here’s How To Turn Photos Into A Comic Strip

The alcohol-free 12-step program for turning photos into comic art

This is a deconstruction of techniques I used to turn photographic images into a comic strip, using only filters and adjustment layers, with the final result emulating ink on gouache. Photoshop familiarity is recommended for this demonstration. Continue reading “Photoshop Like An Action Hero! Here’s How To Turn Photos Into A Comic Strip”

Easy Photoshop Image Alignment For Cloning

Anyone who is familiar with Photoshop knows that there are typically several ways to accomplish a task, with varying results. This is a description of one method for visually aligning two nearly identical images, with the intent of cloning out objects from one (or both) to merge them.

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